Why You Need to Attend NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition


The 2019 National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAC-BACE), the industry’s largest and most prestigious business event, will be held in Las Vegas on October 22-24. Organizers of the convention are anticipating over 23,000 attendees from the business aviation community.

If you are considering a career in Business Aviation, the NBAA Convention offers ample opportunity to learn more about career opportunities. Attendees will include the most important decision-makers and influencers in the business. For three days, you can interact with business aircraft owners, flight department personnel, manufacturers, and service providers who seek new ideas, products, and potential new hires.

Attendees and exhibitors come from all 50 States and 98 countries.

The Business Aviation Sector

Companies of all sizes require the use of all types of aircraft from single-pilot airplanes to helicopters to long-distance turbine aircraft for international travel. In the United States, business aviation relies on 5,000 public-use airports and the highly trained personnel who staff them.

Business Aviation is a vital element of our national economy. Much like their commercial and military aviation counterparts, shortages of critical qualified personnel are developing. The job situation is likely to reach severe levels in the coming decades without programs that incentivize training and development of new aviation workers.

Professional Development Programs in Business Aviation

The National Business Aviation Association is proactively working to attract and develop talented aviation workers that include pilots, technical staff and aviation mechanics, managers, and many other key positions.

A short list of the NBAA Professional Development Programs demonstrates the organization’s commitment to securing the future of the segment with leading-edge programs and well-trained professionals.

Here are some of NBAA’s programs and missions for developing their professionals:

  • Certified Aviation Manager Program: develop leaders in Business Aviation
  • Professional Development Programs: train and certify individuals in various phases of the business
  • On-Demand Education: Online training for multiple segments of the industry
  • NextTech for NextGen: promote training and development for innovation in aircraft maintenance
  • Young Professionals in Business Aviation: connect young professionals in each phase of the business while developing new technologies
  • NBAA Mentoring Network: pair experienced veterans with less experienced personnel to foster collaboration throughout the industry
  • Workforce Initiatives: Because of a general shortage of key aviation workers in both commercial and business aviation, employers are offering incentives to attract and retain qualified professionals.
  • Scholarships: recognizes that the future of business aviation will depend on sufficiently educated workers, members are contributing funds for scholarships and tuition reimbursement.

NBAA also provides support for networking events for young industry professionals to build relationships among future leaders.

Advice for Business Aviation Job Seekers

Attendance at the three-day NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas on October 22-24 will give you a close-up look at this exciting and growing industry. If you have the drive, experience, and qualifications to become part of this dynamic industry, the Convention will allow you to network with key players, learn more about the industry’s scope, and possibly identify positions for which you qualify.

NBAA also provides a website with helpful suggestions for creating your resume and preparing for interviews with business aviation professionals.

Aviation JobNet: Expanding Your Options

A vital aviation industry resource for career advancement in business aviation is Aviation JobNet.

With their sophisticated Job Board and support materials, Aviation JobNet links qualified professionals with hundreds of reputable aviation companies. Many of the companies engage in business aviation specifically.

The Aviation JobNet job board lists thousands of open aviation positions with clear job descriptions, experiential requirements, and education.

Job seekers can filter through the list of positions by specifying:

  • Job type or sector
  • Role
  • Salary range
  • Job type: permanent, temporary, internship, seasonal, etc.
  • Hours
  • Travel required
  • Experience level (years)
  • Degree required
  • Preference for managing other personnel
  • Employer type

Submitting your resume to Aviation Job Net can open doors for any prospective business aviation worker. Business aviation companies are always seeking qualified people to fill their open positions.

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