How to Increase Your Chances Of Standing Out Among Other Applicants


At any given time, there are millions of Americans seeking jobs. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), last year, there were 6.3 million jobseekers in April and 6.1 million jobseekers in May.

Such competition significantly reduces an applicant’s chances of getting their dream job. If you’re the typical jobseeker who sends the same resume and application letter to multiple recruiters hoping for a miracle, your chances are pretty much dead.

You can turn around your fortunes by being different. From the way you write your resume and cover letter to timing and how you present yourself at interviews, you need to stand apart. The following are four quick points to help you stand out;

  1. Have connections? Use them

You’ve likely heard the saying; “it’s about who you know” in employment conversations. The question many people usually ask is does it really work that way? Does “who you know” really impact your chances of getting a job?

The answer is a big YES! According to a 2017 study referenced in the Business Insider, connections boost your chances of getting a job by up to 6.6%. This means that one in around 17 people get a job they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten just because they know someone inside or connected to the hiring company. If you have this advantage, use it.

  1. Focus on your accomplishments, not skills

Often, job applicants focus on selling their academic credentials and years of experience. The problem with this approach is that every other applicant is likely to have these qualifications. Some could be more experienced or academically qualified than you.

To differentiate yourself from the rest while at the same time boosting your chances of getting the job, shift focus to your accomplishments. Rather than raving about the long list of companies you’ve worked at, tell the recruiter the difference you made at these companies. What programs did you implement? How many people did you manage? How much money did you save? Now, this will get prospective employers excited!

  1. Do your research on the hiring company

This is another thing you must have heard before, and it’s true; you have a better chance if you already know a few things about the prospective employer. Being aware of things like the company’s mission, work culture, and recent achievements show that you have a genuine interest in that company. This will instantly put you in their good books.

On the same note, take time to find out some of the challenges the company might be currently facing and possible solutions. Going into detail on such matters during an interview gives you an edge on the competition.

  1. Optimize your profile for recruiter searches

A lot of jobseekers use job boards to find their next employer, which is great. Unfortunately, a good number still don’t use niche job boards and among those who do, very few fully utilize the helpful features built into these boards. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you also need to; shift from general job boards to niche boards, to ensure that you’re more visible to the employer interest, ensure that your profile is 100% complete, and check to see that the profile is optimized for recruiter searches. This means customizing your resume for each job application, listing your skills and experience (with dates), using the right keywords, and weeding out any spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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