Aviation Employer Spotlight: Northrop Grumman


Few U.S. companies are as vital to the global aeronautics industry and national security as Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, Northrop Grumman employs approximately 85, 000 people in all 50 states and abroad in 21 countries. The Company's scope includes technology, equipment, and logistics essential for undersea, land, air, outer space, and even cyberspace guidance, travel, and security.

Ranked 118 of Fortune 500 companies today, the Company was founded in 1939 by John K. Northrop as Northrop Aviation Company. The enterprise grew through WWII and beyond through both innovative development and acquisition.

Growth of Northrop Grumman Corporation

During the eighty years since the creation of the original company, the organization expanded through excellence in engineering and manufacturing as well as the successful acquisition of over twenty essential companies. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the well-known companies that are now part of Northrop Grumman Corporation, plus the year of their acquisition:

  • Grumman Corporation (1994): Military aircraft systems integrator who also designed the first lunar modules
  • Westinghouse Electric (1996): Electronic systems for defense, civil aviation, and commercial and domestic products
  • Logicon Corporation(1997): Information systems for military and commercial applications
  • Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical (1999): Designer and developer of unmanned surveillance equipment
  • Litton Industries (2001): Global designer and manufacturer of electronic and information technology naval ships worldwide
  • Newport News Shipbuilding (2001): Builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines
  • TRW Incorporated (2002): Developers of civil and military space systems and payloads plus mission-enabling devices

Given the company's vast technological resources and proven capability, Northrop Grumman will continue to be a key player in the future of aviation, space exploration, defense, and information systems.

Working for Northrop Grumman

Demand for the company’s portfolio of current and future products and services continues to grow. As a large, multi-faceted, global corporation, Northrop Grumman is always searching for talent to advance their many objectives.

The culture of Northrop Grumman thrives on intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and diversity to create a workforce that will drive future innovation. The Company seeks individuals who wish to begin or extend their careers in the broad categories of:

  • Business and Operations
  • Cyber Security
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Security

While Northrop Grumman is always searching for experienced, high-level professionals, their philosophy is also to extend invitations to entry-level students for internships and provide experience and potential career paths for their future development.

Veterans receive special consideration for recruitment at Northrop Grumman. The Company is committed to hiring military-trained candidates, many of whom have had first-hand experience appreciation of some of Northrop Grumman’s products and services. Northrop Grumman places a high value on the experience and leadership military veteran candidates receive from their military service.

Current Northrop Grumman Job Openings at Aviation JobNet

The Northrop Grumman job board presented by their recruiting partner, Aviation JobNet, currently lists over 600 open positions in various areas of Technology Services. Some include:

  • Principal Systems Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Military Project Management Planners
  • Software Engineers
  • Aircraft Quality Control Analysts
  • Maintenance Trainers
  • Master Schedulers
  • Security Access Controls
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Aircraft Weapons Systems Manager
  • Network Communications

Locations: Available job openings may be in any state or international site. Current open positions may be in California, Maryland, New Mexico, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, or almost any other state. Internationally, jobs are available in Kuwait, South Korea, and several other locations around the world.

The fields of aviation, avionics, space travel, defense, and information technology are expected to continue rapidly expanding in the coming decades.

Check out the Northrop Grumman job listings at Aviation JobNet to begin or continue your career journey with a successful and growing international company.

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