What A Busy Travel Season Means For The Aviation Industry


Travel Season is Coming. What’s the Impact on Jobseekers?

Summer is around the corner, which, of course, means that lots of people are going to be traveling. All those people waiting for summer vacation are going to need to travel. And a big chunk of them will be doing it with the airlines. This is all good news, at least in the short term for the aviation/airline industry. Of course, the news will also cover small problems such as lost luggage, embarrassing moments, weather or technical related delays. The overall big picture is that summertime sees very high utilization rates for aircraft.

For those of you, who are directly responsible for the daily operations of aircraft, you can count on staying busy for a few months. People like ticket agents, pilots and flight attendants, baggage handlers will be working long hours to keep things moving smoothly. This demand will also create job openings for these same types of positions so if you are looking for a career move or just need a job, keep your eye on the job boards for these types of positions over the next few months.

However, one group of workers associated with aviation that will feel a bit of a squeeze regarding job opportunities are the ones responsible for maintaining aircraft. Known as MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) facilities, they will typically be seeing leaner times during the busy travel season because airlines and smaller charters are trying to maximize their cyclical revenue opportunities by keeping their aircrafts in the air.  Even though touch labor positions are less prevalent this time of year there are always openings.  Job seekers just have to be more diligent and use tools like aviation niche’ job boards to locate the openings quickly.  Until MRO facilities start ramping up hiring near the end of the travel season, job seekers must work smarter and leverage resources like staffing companies and job boards.  When things start slowing down at the airlines, aircraft will begin coming home to roost. This is when most of the heavy maintenance will be done, to prepare them for the next travel season.

Looking for MRO Jobs

Since most airlines only do lighter maintenance on their aircraft, MRO contract houses have grown in popularity over the years. An MRO company works as a third-party supplier of qualified mechanics for the airline industry. The airline industry is ultimately a service industry, like hotels and car rentals. This means that it can never be outsourced to other countries. Therefore airline-based jobs are here to stay.

Ultimately, what does this mean for you? It means a steady stream of job high-paying job opportunities. The nature of airline maintenance work tends to be very seasonal. MROs will put the word out that they are looking for employees as the travel seasons starts to wind down. For potential employees, the trick is to be prepared for the upswing in hiring. Once hired, you can be sure to be part of an exciting industry. In the meantime, the fewer the openings, the quicker these positions will be filled so you must stay active as a job seeker, so you can seize the moment when that desired position is opened.

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