Could Aviation Contract Work Be Right For You?


As a new decade approaches, one industry in which the demand for qualified employees is beginning to outstrip the supply is aviation. Commercial and private aviation companies are struggling to find certified pilots, engineers and maintenance personnel, customer service representatives, and flight attendants to meet the projected growth in global airline activity.

What are Contract Houses in the Aviation Industry?

While some larger aviation companies bear the burden of recruiting, hiring, certifying, training and maintaining professionals, most aviation companies look to aviation contract houses to find pre-qualified employees to fill essential jobs.

Contract houses provide skilled aviation professionals who remain their responsibility while they work at a client’s location in the designated position. In this way, the aviation company defers the costs of recruiting and administering the employee's salary and benefits while paying the contract house for the service.

Contract houses are a great resource for both the job seeker and aviation companies in need of skilled labor.   They remove the burden for the job seeker in researching who’s hiring, where are the openings, is the position a good fit.  They remove similar burdens for the aviation companies by having skilled labor readily available, sourcing and screening candidates, managing onboarding compliance and remaining the employer of record for the contractors throughout their assignment.   

Benefits of Being an Aviation Contract Worker

Professional Growth: Excellent contract performers can move among different types of aviation companies learning many new skills and always adding to their respective resumes.

Flexibility: Contract work allows individuals to move around from short or long-term positions to acclimate to new situations and management styles. This movement will strengthen your knowledge and experience level, making you a more valuable candidate for higher level future positions.

Travel: As demand for qualified contract workers grows, top performers are given ample opportunity to see other parts of the country. With many expenses paid, you can live and work in a variety of locations and environments while making new friends, enjoying the environment, and seeing landmarks you may have heard of, but never expected to visit.

Job Security: As a contract worker, you will not be as dependent on the success of a single company as a full-time aviation company employee. You will be able to move on to secure positions in proven companies more easily.

Job Satisfaction: While you will always learn new skills as a contract worker, you will be matched with companies that require your specific skills. The value here is that you will “hit the ground running” without having to endure extensive orientation and training. Pre-qualified contract employees generally undergo a brief orientation, foregoing the usual personnel processing and orientation that permanent employees receive before starting to work.

Is Aviation Contract Work the Best Option for You?

If living and working in new and changing environments is what you seek, aviation contract work is a perfect choice. If you prefer to remain in one place, working for the same company year after year without a change of scenery, then perhaps working directly for an aviation company is better.

Another advantage of an aviation contract career choice that cannot be overstated is the opportunity to learn how different companies handle specific circumstances. This exposure, particularly early in your career, can make you a more experienced, well-rounded and knowledgeable candidate for a future permanent position, should you choose.


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