Government Shutdown and its Side Effects


The news lately has been dominated by the federal government shutdown. This past shutdown was one of the longest in US history. Now, there are talks of more shutdowns. For ordinary people, the government shutdown has proven to be a massive inconvenience, to say the least. This is because the services you come to expect such as air travel, the postal service, etc, were directly hit by the shutdown. So, it’s no wonder people are already making alternative plans, for any possible future shutdowns. Perhaps, the biggest industry to be affected by the government shutdown is the travel industry, in general, and the airline industry in particular.

This is because, air-traffic control and security are run by the federal government. According to the FAA, several of the largest airports in the country faced staff shortages in these two departments, forcing airlines to delay or outright cancel services. Obviously, this is big news for a country that depends heavily on the travel industry for its economy. What does this ultimately mean for, both, the traveling public, and you, the job seeker? In the short term, it means that there are a lot of disgruntled workers who want to start the conversation on breaking free from the whims and fancies of the government and becoming a privatized entity.

A Silver Lining for Aviation Jobs?

In fact, various people from within and outside of the industry have already started to speak openly about it. Most notably, the air traffic controller’s union has voiced that it may be time to look towards privatization. As with anything that involves a big change, there are of course going to be opposition to it. According to several news agencies, employees have said that if they can keep their pay levels and benefits, then they would prefer privatization.

Impact to the Jobseeker in the Aviation Industry

If more positions within the aviation industry did become privatized and didn’t fall under the government hiring controls and restrictions, many companies like aviation staffing firms (aka Contract Houses) would more easily be able to partner with these private companies and be a candidate provider for positions that already exist today.  So, what would this mean to the jobseeker?  Well, these positions that need to be filled in aviation would become more accessible and publicized through Aviation Staffing Firms.  Aviation Staffing firms sole purpose is to find jobseekers jobs and the more jobs that are accessible to them to post and source for, the more opportunity there will be for jobseekers.  A few of the top aviation staffing companies are APA Services, Storm Aviation and STS. 

If the federal government chooses to give up responsibility and outsource more positions like air-traffic control and check-in security that currently fall under government contracts, to private players, this will be big news to not only Aviation Staffing world but also aviation niche’ job boards.  These job boards are specific to the aviation industry and many staffing firms leverage these niche’ job boards to advertise their jobs. To a job seeker, both aviation staffing firms and aviation job boards are one-stop shops for jobseekers interested in a position in the aviation industry.   A few of the top aviation niche’ job boards are Aviationjobnet, Avianation, and Avjobs.   Don’t go it alone, whether you are an active jobseeker in aviation or just open to new opportunities, don’t overlook leveraging job boards and staffing firms to help your career growth. 

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