How Companies Change the Way they Hire in the Second Quarter


Traditionally, the second quarter is defined as the time between April 1st and June 30th. When talking about hiring trends it is important to mention that all companies will not be the same. However, for the most part, most companies will do their first hiring wave in the first quarter, which is from January 1st to March 31st. This is when they are looking for more experienced and seasoned employees. By the time second quarter hiring comes around, most companies change their hiring strategy. The second quarter is when they start hiring recently graduated college students as well as temporary staff members. This makes sense because most college graduations happen in springtime.

Less Strict

Most managers and executives start planning the release of new products or services and their summer vacations during the second quarter. What this means for job applicants is that they will not be facing as strict HR departments. This is because HR departments will be in a hurry to fill in positions as fast as possible. In short, don’t expect companies to comb through every job applicant with the usual amount of scrutiny before they hire. Depending on the size of the company and their urgency, they will only do the bare minimum research on a potential candidate before hiring.

Mostly Entry-Level

Since second quarter hiring usually revolves around recent graduates, this will be the time when most companies will fill in their entry-level vacancies. The three busiest recruiters in the second quarter tend to be the hospitality, tourism and construction businesses. This seems logical since, two of these are seasonal dependent, and are gearing up for the upcoming summer holiday season

The Dearth of Applicants

Presently, in the US, it is estimated that around 45% of small businesses are having difficulty finding qualified candidates. For job hunters, this is obviously good news. For larger companies, this means they must up the ante by offering better wages and benefits. This is the main reason why regardless of which quarter it is, companies are noticing it is harder to find good applicants. Therefore, compared to years before, second quarter hiring is not that different from any other time of the year. The differences are quite small.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

The bottom line is that as far as the job market today is concerned, it is a job seeker’s market. Traditional methods of hiring, where the applicant shows up at the company to put in an application are slowly going away. Recruiters are now using app-based recruiting tools to hire people. This is especially true of seasonal work. Some companies are even using apps to schedule interviews at the convenience of the applicant. These types of small changes are starting to have an impact on hiring rates, regardless of what the season is. However, the two basic trends of second quarter hiring which involves looking for recent college grads, and filling up seasonal work, is still in place by all indications.

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