Is Your Job Posting Attracting Top Talent?


The consequences of a bad hire are far-reaching. From wasted recruitment and training budgets to costly disruption and negative impact on employee morale, that one mistake can set your company on a downward spiral.

You can avoid such pain by getting things right the first time! We’ll show you how shortly. But first, here are the top four reasons your job postings might be attracting the wrong people.

  • You’re not selling the position properly: It’s likely that you’re dwelling on qualifications while ignoring how the eventual hire stands to benefit.
  • You’re not saying enough about your culture: Every top candidate craves a better, more employee-friendly work environment. But, you must sell this too.
  • You’re not clearly communicating growth opportunities: Opportunity for growth is the number one reason top talents change jobs. If such opportunities aren’t apparent in your job posting, they’ll keep off.
  • You’re not reaching enough applicants: With the thousands of job boards, the rise of social media, and more recently the use of AI to recruit employees, getting your job postings in front of the right audience can be a challenge.

4 Job Posting Adjustment to Help You Attract Top talent

From our experience, it takes just four changes to your job postings and job posting habits to start attracting the right talent;

  1. Say more, without making the post too long

Studies show that longer descriptions attract more interest from candidates. To be precise, job postings ranging between 700 and 2,000 words in length get 30% more responses.

You don’t have to go as high as 2,000 words; about 700 should be enough. However, really sell the position as well as your company. You want to go into detail about your company culture, benefits of working for you, and, in general, what a day at the company feels like. It is these details that get the attention of top talent.

  1. Get ideas from the new recruit’s future co-workers

No one knows the job better than those who do it every day. These people can pick the perfect fit for an open position without conducting an interview. Extract and use this information to find the right talent.

If hiring for the sales team, for example, ask workers in that department what qualities would make a candidate the perfect fit. Stressing these qualities in your job postings should help you appeal to the right candidates.

  1. Provide a salary range

A 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study shows that 74% of job applicants want to see a salary range in job postings. It also shows that applicants who don’t see a salary range might not bother to apply, with the majority concerned that such employers are usually trying to get the best “deal” possible.

No top talent wants to feel like their abilities are being exploited. So, “come clean,” tell them what you’re offering, and let them use the information to make a decision.

  1. Turn to niche job boards

First off, no top talent is going to waste their time scouring through thousands of irrelevant job postings on a general-purpose job board. Instead, they now prefer niche boards where they can find relevant jobs more easily.

Additionally, niche boards aren’t your typical board where everyone is on their own. On niche boards, both employers and job seekers get the help they need to find the perfect match. This significantly improves your chances of finding the right talent.

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