Post a Job Advertisement, Not a Job Announcement


In this market, it’s harder than ever to creatively post a job. Imagine a car dealership runs an ad for a sale. The ad says:

Need a car? We have cars!!!!

  • Must Have a 750 credit score
  • Must have verifiable $6000 monthly income
  • Must own your own home with no mortgage
  • If you fit all these stipulations, we will allow you to take a car home today!!!!

If you think this ad would yield dreadful results, then you are correct. The dealership that runs this ad would never see a customer.

Now, what if I told you this is what an abundance of job postings look like?

All too often, companies are trying to fill their open positions with advertisements that don’t appeal to the interest and what is important to candidates. 

Today’s prospective candidates are just as concerned, if not more, with company culture than anything else. They need a reason other than “we’re hiring” to apply for your position.

In the interview process, you’re looking for reasons to choose a candidate. In the application process, the prospective candidate is looking for a reason to choose your company.

There are two types of job postings.

There are “job announcements”, which convey to a prospective candidate that there is open employment. And there are “job advertisements”, which convey that there is a career opportunity.

A job announcement is little more than a “Now Hiring” sign in a window. It is a bland combination of necessary skills, qualifications, and company rules. A job announcement seemingly drones on forever with things that look like they were copied and pasted from a company handbook.

Even if they do read all the way through, a prospective candidate has little incentive to “choose you”.

So, what is a “job advertisement”?

A job advertisement leads with a culture statement or a value proposition, giving the prospective candidate a reason to continue reading. It clearly outlines expectations and necessary skills just as a job announcement. But because the advertisement led with something for the reader, it’s less plodding and more informative. Finally, it closes with answers to questions that a prospective candidate would have (What are my benefits? What does it pay? Etc.). If a candidate feels a connection with the hiring company and that their beliefs align with the company views, they will read on to understand the specific expectations and qualifications for the job.

As an employer, you must consider the next generation and what they are interested in when recruiting. Millennials now make up half of the US workforce. In 10 years, that number will be 75%. With a higher concern for company culture and values, they are scrolling past the “job announcement” and taking their talent, creativity, and ideas to the companies with “job advertisements”.

Which one will you be posting?

Aviation JobNet can not only offer a place to post your “job advertisements”, but we can also offer premier consulting on your job postings through our dedicated sales team.

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