Online Training for Avionics


Getting certifications and even degrees by signing up for online classes have become popular these days. The main reason for this is convenience and flexibility it offers to individuals that don’t have the time to attend classes onsite. Once you sign up for classes, you will be able to attend from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Other benefits of these online course concepts include lectures are recorded allowing you to play back classes to see what you missed or review materials before exams. However, does this mean the classes themselves will be easy? The simple answer is, no. You will still be required to follow all lectures and do assigned homework and projects. In fact, you will need to muster up all your self-discipline to stay on track and finish classes on time and with good grades.

In the early days of online classes, there were only a limited number of educational establishments offering online courses. Even the few that were offered were mostly humanities and liberal arts classes. Not so anymore. Now, even science and technically oriented classes are being offered online. However, with most technical classes offered online, there will be lab-related work included in the course requirements. For lab work, you will need to attend a brick-and-mortar school to complete assignments so at least once a week if not two, you will be required to attend the lab class onsite.

Getting an Online Avionics Technicians Degree

As far as getting an avionics certification or a diploma from an online course perspective, the course needs to be FAA approved. In order to work in aviation anywhere in the U.S and its territories, you will need to get your certification from an FAA approved training institution. Only colleges who offer lab work for hands-on training are given permission by the FAA to offer avionics technicians diplomas. This means, even if they offer online courses, they will also still have to provide some classes in a technician’s lab.

That said, many of the classes can be completed online. Apart from classes like English and math, All the textbook portion of an avionics technician can be done online. Therefore, like many other technical courses, avionics technician courses are a hybrid of online as well as classroom classes.

I Already Have an A&P License, Now What?

For those of you who already possess an airframe and powerplant (A&P) license, you do have the option of going back to school and completing additional course work that would allow you to receive a bachelor’s degree specializing in avionics. Since it is a four-year degree, you can expect to take classes that are not directly related to avionics. These may include, but not limited to, math, economics, history, physics, etc. which can be taken online. Having a bachelor’s degree means you will be able to make better salaries as well as create more job security and put yourself in a better position to be promoted to managerial jobs since degreed individuals will be more desirable to employers.

Job Outlook

As with any job connected with aviation, avionics technicians can look forward to good job opportunities for at least the next 10 years. This segment is growing at a steady 5% annually, and the median salary is $62,920/yea, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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