Top Airlines to Work for in the Next 5 Years


Now, more than ever, airline jobs are considered some of the best jobs in the country. However, if you do your due diligence, it is possible to get a good airline job. The following are the top airlines to work for in the next five years.


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Delta consistently makes the top 20 list for not just airline jobs, but any job list relating to best place to work at. The good news is that Delta is planning on hiring nearly 25,000 people in the four to five years. These jobs include, but not limited to, pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, cargo handlers, maintenance staff, software developers (especially for Java) and many other jobs.

As far as applying for a job at Delta it will depend on the job. Generally speaking, Delta likes to see candidates who have done their research and homework, regarding the company’s culture.

Obviously, the salary will be different for each type of job. Therefore, it is the details that count. Delta offers free travel for family and even friends of employees! The company offers a generous retirement plan by automatically contributing 2% as well as a 100% match up to 6% of salary. Delta is also generous with profit sharing, doling out nearly $1 billion in profit sharing bonuses.

Southwest Airlines

Close on the heels of Delta, is legendary Southwest Airlines. In its 45 years of existence, Southwest Airlines has not given the pink slip to a single employee! In terms of employee count, it is roughly half the size of Delta. However, the company is always hiring new people.

As far as getting a job at Southwest, you should be a friendly, personable and outgoing in nature. The company has worked hard at keeping things laid back and presenting themselves that way to the public. There are legendary stories where during an interview process, the staff asked the applicant to go and come back and be dressed more casually! “We don’t take ourselves too seriously” seems to be the unofficial motto at Southwest airlines.

Salary and perk wise Southwest is no miser. Apart from some of the best salaries which start at the entry level, Southwest offers 9.3% of eligible 401(k) as well as stock options and bonuses. Of course, you can expect to get free travel and world-class healthcare benefits.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue may only have started a couple of decades ago, but they have managed to muscle their way into being in the top three airlines, in terms of being a popular place to work at. Currently, the company is hiring for a large number of positions, including but not limited to sales agent, customer service, baggage handler, pilots, maintenance, analyst, line technician, etc.

If you are trying to get hired at Jet Blue, then keep in mind they are somewhat similar to South West when it comes employee attitude. As long as your resume looks good for the job, then keeping a friendly, upbeat attitude will go a long way.

Salary wise Jet Blue offers some of the most competitive in the business. The company also offers a good insurance package, profit sharing, retirement, free travel, and other perks.


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