Tips On Hiring the Best People


The success of any company is a function of the effectiveness of its employees. This concept is most pronounced in the aviation industry, where safety, consistency, and accuracy are essential attributes.

But hiring the right people is not always a simple process. Sifting through piles of resumes to find the ideal candidates can be tedious when you know that “settling” for a subpar recruit is not an option.

Here are some tips for qualifying the best new hires for your aviation company.

Define Your Search

In a tight labor market in a specialized field like aviation, the starting point might be to define those qualities that have made your current highest performing employees successful. Rarely do all new employees come to your company with every desired qualification, but some may learn, adapt, and progress quickly in their new role.

Look for Career Progression

When hiring for mid-level or management positions, serious candidates should show a clear path of progressing through the ranks in their previous jobs. While an absence of any apparent career growth can indicate stagnation at the previous employer, positive progression suggests that the candidate may be an emerging leader.

Allow Flexibility in Your Prerequisites

Since businesses are facing difficulties in finding candidates with every skill qualification for the “perfect” applicant, experienced HR managers know that some individuals can adapt and learn even if they lack one particular skill or experience. So-called “athletes,” when given the proper training, are ones that have the personality and intelligence to thrive in almost any situation. Effective leaders can adapt to any environment following adequate orientation. Skilled customer service and marketing reps can function effectively with any product or service.

Experienced mechanics can usually adapt eventually to an aviation maintenance position if given the proper education and training.

Attitude is Important

Look for individuals who are alert and interested in proving their capability. A “can-do” attitude can overcome some experiential shortcomings with precise and customized orientation and training.

In many cases, a positive attitude can be more critical than certain degrees of experience, but only if your company is prepared to provide the training to bring the candidate’s knowledge up to a superior level.

Look for Meaningful Accomplishments

Some candidates progress through companies only by virtue of seniority and attrition. For example, when a superior has retired, did the candidate move up just because they were “next in line?”

Or, were promotions due to exceptional performance or through a series of problem-solving innovations?

During an interview, be sure to ask the candidate about accomplishments or innovations they introduced at their current or prior company. If the individual can confidently explain the what, how, and why of their efforts, it is likely that they were committed to their job and thinking about ways to improve.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

During the interview, ask some open-ended, behavior-related questions that require spontaneous consideration and the ability to articulate in-depth topics. For example, ask “how do you feel about …?” some work-related conflict or other hypothetical situations. Being able to address these questions with only a short contemplation is a sign of someone who can think beneath the surface and articulate thoughts well.

Encourage Diversity

Reaching beyond the cookie-cutter candidate is a positive behavior in hiring. Finding exceptional candidates from outside the traditional pool can strengthen a company with new ideas and talents.

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