Why hiring will be different this year?


Why Will Hiring Be Different This Year?

During recent decades, the supply and demand in the global workforce have ebbed and flowed repeatedly. As demand increases to match strong economic conditions, the employment rate must expand to fill the positions needed to accommodate projected growth. If the economy turns soft, the reverse takes place.

Some industries, like aviation, are projected to grow rapidly over the coming years. Globally, more people and goods than ever before are expected to require air transportation. Not only must more airplanes be built, but the number of trained pilots, certified technicians, and other critical positions need to rise to accommodate growing demand.

In the past, a notable percentage of these critical jobs have been filled by military-trained personnel as they cycled back to civilian life. According to current trends, that source will no longer be sufficient to accommodate a large portion of the demand created by anticipated growth.

Projected Growth in Aviation.

One information resource, Statista.com, projects the global need for qualified aviation maintenance technicians to increase at historic levels in the next 20 years. In Asia and North America alone, job openings in this area of expertise should reach 257,000 and 158,000, respectively. Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and the rest of the world will demand another 300,000 at least.

Similar demand increases will occur in the market for trained aircraft pilots.

These job demand projections result from the projected increase in the number of aircraft placements plus the normal attrition and retirement of existing aviation workers.

Demand for new aircraft is resulting from a robust global economy, increased levels of personal and business travel, and more goods and products traveling by air. International companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and hundreds of other online retailers are shipping millions of items daily by air to destinations overnight.

Filling the Positions

The aviation industry is already feeling the pinch. Job boards like AviationJobNet currently list thousands of open positions that request licensed pilots, certified technicians, customer service personnel, airport management, and more. If you have a desire to work in aviation, most positions require experience and training that can be obtained by attending one of the many aviation schools or colleges throughout the country.

The Best Colleges website lists the Top 10 Aviation Colleges for 2019, each offering specific areas of focus. Beyond these, many more qualified schools offer accredited training programs

Check Out Current Job Openings in Aviation

The growth in aviation will also proportionately impact the need for several other important aviation positions. Airport management personnel, air traffic control, aviation design, and building, flight attendants, and ground operations.

In future decades, aircraft will be flying higher, faster, and further than today. Because of rapidly changing technology and consumer tastes, many companies and industries may thrive for a time, only to be replaced by new ways of doing things.

The future of aviation, however, is limitless.

If you have experience, are certified in specific roles in aviation, or wish to pursue a career in aviation, you should look at the thousands of job listings at AviationJobNet. This growing, highly vital industry demands qualified candidates to support sustainable economic growth in the future.

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