Why isn't your company page attracting the right candidates on a job board?


Job searches today are begun at home and in front of a computer or elsewhere on a smartphone. However, for aviation industry employers to grab the attention of highly qualified candidates, the job of creating and maintaining a company job board can be daunting and time-consuming. This is especially true since job seekers’ attention spans are limited and the number of job openings in aviation today is more numerous than ever.

For aviation companies to continue to advertise job openings on their own websites, having a concise, well-presented message about the company and each job opening is essential. Unlike other situations when many qualified applicants may be competing for a single position, the job market in aviation has many companies competing for a shrinking pool of highly qualified candidates.

Recruiting Qualified Candidates through Your Company Website

Aviation employers do not always get the number and quality of responses they are seeking when listing their job openings on the Careers page of their websites. Here are a few things that may be hurting your online presence for job seekers:

  • Not Telling Who You Are

A brief video and The About Us section should provide essential information regarding the interesting and unique aspects of your company. Tell the viewer why working with your company is rewarding and will make you proud to be part of.

  • Too Many Words

Grab the viewers’ attention as quickly as possible. Colorful, professional cover photos or art sends a message of professionalism and excitement and is more likely to hold the viewers for a more in-depth look at the company and position.

  • Site Not Geared to the Small Screen

Marketers have learned how to scale a website to work well on a smartphone versus a full desk or laptop computer. Since many searches are performed on phones today, making your site easy to read is essential.

  • Overwhelming the Job Listing with Detail

Qualified professionals in aviation do not need reams of detail to understand what you are seeking. Try to condense the description with a clear job title, key functions, and meaningful concise core functions. Too often readers become weary trying to decipher the details of the job description.

  • Job Qualifications Not Specific

While too much detail in the job description can become tedious, specific requirements for the candidate can save a lot of time, both for you and the candidate. Make the listing clear about prior job experience requirements, education, and certifications. This should help filter out the number of candidates who routinely apply for nearly every industry-related job listing.

Consider an Aviation Job Board

Many aviation companies are preferring to exclusively use or supplement their existing website job searches by a using an aviation job board like AviationJobNet to find qualified candidates. Also, professionals in the industry frequently consult job boards to see what is currently available in the industry while they are thinking of a job change.

Aviation Job Net is one of the most important resources on the industry for connecting qualified candidates and employers with staffing needs for important aviation jobs. Currently the site lists thousands of open positions with from major companies and smaller aviation concerns.

This resource accepts applications from candidates for both major aviation companies well as contract houses like APA Services, who recruit, certify, and place qualified candidates with aviation companies.

Check out the AviationJobNet website to view listings and open up more possibilities for qualified candidates for your future job openings.

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