Employer and Recruiter Advice

  • Post a Job Advertisement, Not a Job Announcement
    How often do your job posting attract great talent? Learn if you're posting a job advertisement or a job announcement.
  • An interview is always the big show while a resume is a ticket. An eye-catchy resume doesn't mean the candidate will impress you. People have mastered the trick of writing perfect resumes. But as an employer, you must look beyond what is in the paper.
  • Often described as the glue that holds an organization and its employees together, the value of company culture keeps growing every day. Diversity and inclusion still matter, but cultural buy-in is proving to be even more important.
  • By the time second quarter hiring comes around, most companies change their hiring strategy. The second quarter is when they start hiring recently graduated college students as well as temporary staff members
  • Here are the top four reasons your job postings might be attracting the wrong people.
  • A bad hire can cost your organization big time. More expenses are incurred when you have to fire the person and restart the recruitment process again. Hiring the wrong candidate will hurt productivity, cause reputation damage, and damage morale.
  • For aviation companies to continue to advertise job openings on their own websites, having a concise, well-presented message about the company and each job opening is essential.
  • During recent decades, the supply and demand in the global workforce have ebbed and flowed repeatedly. As demand increases to match strong economic conditions, the employment rate must expand to fill the positions needed to accommodate projected growth. If the economy turns soft, the reverse take...
  • Specialty job boards are already a big hit among jobseekers. Whichever industry you check, you’ll find that jobseekers are ditching general job boards in favor of niche boards as these boards promise greater efficiency and much better opportunities.