About Privaira

Privaira is a private aviation company focused on distinctive individuals and companies who fly private. We provide air charter on our own fleet of aircraft and we manage the aviation assets for our owners. We create peace-of-mind solutions for your private jet charter, aircraft management and airplane maintenance.

Attention to detail. A long-term approach to building relationships, not short-term fixes.

Deliver excellence, not lip-service. At every juncture of service, an evaluation of results and an immediate response to opportunity. A belief in that we can; a confidence in that we will. More than a mission, a commitment to being way above second.

Building upon the fundamental values that have established our company as a safe and reliable air charter service, Privaira brings a new sensibility to private aviation. Our clients must know what to expect from us. Then we can strive to exceed expectations. A heightened awareness of what you want, not just what you need. From the basics to over the top pampering, it’s up to you.

So what’s our fascination with orange? Orange is an evocative color that radiates warmth and happiness combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Oranges just happen to be the number one agricultural product in Florida and the state produces more oranges than anywhere else in the country.

And we’re based in Florida (but can fly anywhere).


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