Pilot- SIC Beech 1900

Beech Bottom, West Virginia
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Jul 08, 2019
Oct 08, 2020
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Pilot- SIC Beech 1900


Pilots-Government - 4707G


Position contingent on contract award

Position Purpose

Safely operate fixed wing aircraft for transport of people and cargo abroad in in remote, austere locations in Africa.

Position located in an area of operations that support Beech 1900.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all operations involving company aircraft are in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, and any state or municipal regulation, as well as Erickson Operations Manuals.
  • Assists the Pilot- in- Command (PIC) in conducting the flight safely and efficiently. Relieves the PIC in manipulation of the flight controls of the aircraft while underway, including taxiing, takeoff and landing of such aircraft.
  • Checks weather conditions.
  • Checks and creates flight plans, which detail the altitude for the flight, route to be taken and amount of fuel required;
  • Ensures all safety systems are working properly;
  • Carries out pre-flight checks on the navigation and operating systems;
  • Communicates with air traffic control before take-off and during flight and landing, as applicable;
  • Understand and interprets data from instruments and controls;
  • Makes regular checks on the aircraft's technical performance and position, on weather conditions and air traffic during flight;
  • Reacts quickly and appropriately to environmental changes and emergencies;
  • Updates the aircraft logbook and write a report at the end of the flight noting any incidents or problems with the aircraft. Submits all appropriate paperwork in a neat and timely manner.
  • Supports and interacts with the customer to enhance all aspects of the mission and provide for a total customer experience at the highest level.
  • Presents him/herself rested and medically fit for flying.
  • Maintains safety as the primary concern.
  • Be prepared to occasionally serve extra duty shifts when called upon, due to the absence of other pilots for vacation, sick leave, etc.

Scope & Accountabilities

Internal Stakeholders are:

External Stakeholders are:


Safety and Work Environment – Identifies hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe and productive work environment for self and others. Follows Values Charter “Safety: Above all else”.

Effective Communication - Actively listens to others. Communicates with others clearly, openly, and respectfully. Uses all forms of communication effectively and appropriately (includes email, text, IM).

Teamwork - Works with and supports others to achieve organizational goals. Meets individual and team deadlines and responsibilities. Assumes additional responsibilities when needed. Responds constructively to instructions and procedures. Listens to others and values opinions and is respectful of team members and other Erickson employees. Works effectively with team leader or manager and promotes a positive team environment.

Accountable to Achieving Commitments - Achieves commitments to both internal and external customers. Produces high quality work by being attentive to detail and maintaining accuracy. Works in a conscientious, consistent, and thorough manner to meet all schedules and timelines. Anticipates potential problems. Finds the root cause of problems and takes appropriate action. Makes continuous improvement to processes and results.

Adaptability to Change - Understands, accepts, and supports the need for business change and helping others with transitions. Adapts and adjusts to change within own area of responsibility as well as accepting the need for change more broadly. Actively identifies and leads change within area of responsibility.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Commercial Pilot Airplane Multi-Engine
  • FAA Second Class Medical
  • Must be a U.S. citizen with active security clearance or the ability to obtain security clearance eligibility. Applicants with an active security clearance preferred.
  • Currently holds or will obtain a US passport for international travel.

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