Fuel Truck Driver

Glendale, Oregon
Paid hourly depending on qualifications, comes with great benefit package!
Jul 24, 2018
Dec 24, 2018
Job Role
Ground Crew
Job Type
Permanent, Temporary
Full Time
Travel Required
Road Warrior
Minimum Experience Required
1 year
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Swanson Group Aviation LLC


Job Title: Fuel Truck Driver


Reports to: Aviation Mechanic or Project Manager


Department: Aviation Ground Support


Hours per shift: Varies depending on operational requirements. Employee works on a 2 week on/2 week off Rotation


Wage: Hourly


Position Purpose: Operate a large truck and trailer to transport Jet Fuel or water to various destinations. Truck drivers interact with Helicopter Mechanics and Pilots providing additional assistance when requested.



  • Willing to work away from home for extended periods of time.
  • Requires a valid class A CDL with Hazardous Materials, Air Brakes, Tanker, and Doubles endorsement and medical card.
  • Operate a class A vehicle/tractor w/ semi-trailer to transport Jet A fuel and other from one location to another in accordance with Federal, State, County, and Company regulations.
  • Must understand and comply with hours of service rules.
  • Ability to drive safely under extreme conditions such as mud, rain, wind, snow, and ice.
  • Excellent, safe, driving record.
  • Basic math, reading, and writing skills are required to complete daily log book in accordance with Federal regulations.
  • Use vision/hearing continuously, reading and speech required to communicate comprehension of Job Hazard Analysis, Fuel System Procedures, monthly safety training topics, and Job Certification if applicable.
  • Must be able to communicate with Flight Crews, Managers, project coordinators, etc. face to face, via CB and FM radio, and on the telephone.*
  • Worker generally works alone, with little supervision.**
  • Must be self-directed in identifying and efficiently completing each task.*

Essential Functions*


These duties are designated as ADA Essential Functions and must be performed in this job.

  • Perform daily pre/post operation inspections of truck and trailer. Reports any maintenance/safety issues daily using work order form and notifying supervisors.
  • Responsible for properly fueling aircraft.
  • Ensures repairs and maintenance are performed on the truck and trailer in a timely manner by scheduling maintenance.
  • Performs light maintenance on the truck/trailers as needed.
  • Stages truck in secondary containment when required and insures containment is set up properly.
  • Secures loads according to DOT requirements.
  • Transports Jet A Fuel and water on and off Highways including mountain roads.
  • Ensures Trucks Red Folder contains all current certificates and permits.
  • Complies with DOT HOS rules, records hours of service and truck inspections on daily log book and turns in information weekly to office.
  • Ensures mileage and fuel quantity logs are complete and accurate.
  • Completes Post trip inspection to ensure truck is left in good order for next driver.

Non-Essential Functions


These duties are secondary in nature and are not classified as ADA essential.

  • Additional/Other duties as assigned.
  • General maintenance/repairs
  • Set up of secondary containment.
  • Transport other machinery/freight as needed.
  • Assist Mechanics with helicopter maintenance.
  • Wash/clean truck/trailers.
  • Working around an aircraft and assisting crew as needed.

Work Environment: (1) Outdoors 100%, (2) Temps: subject to extremes and adverse weather conditions including rain, wind, and snow. (3) Driving in areas with limited space, visibility and heavy traffic.


Personal Protective Equipment Required: (1) Eye and Ear Protection. (2) Approved footwear. (3) Hard hat/bump cap, and safety vest. (4) Gloves


Physical & Mental Demands: Physical: See Job/Task Evaluation and Physical Capability Factors. .(1) Must be able to sit for extended periods of time and to work 14 hour days. (2) Frequent use of hands and feet to operate truck controls. Sit, stand, or walk frequently when performing general job duties. Crawl, kneel, lift, or squat occasionally as needed to perform some tasks when operating/inspecting truck. Climb on/off/ twist, operating vehicles frequently. Reach below shoulders/operate controls continuously. (3) Use vision, reading, hearing or touch continuously when operating trucks. (4) Must be able to read road signs while driving. (5) Must be able to concentrate in a noisy environment, staying mentally alert while operating the truck for prolonged periods. (6) Must be able to exercise independent judgment while safely driving in traffic. (7) Patience is required while waiting to load/unload and while driving.