CNC Machine Operator Assistant

Job Summary:  

Applies basic, and some intermediate technical skills and knowledge related to set up and operate numerical control machines to cut, shape, or form metallic and nonmetallic work pieces to specifications. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Reviews setup sheets and specifications to determine setup procedure, machining sequence, and dimensions of finished work piece. 
  • Attaches fixture to machine bed and positions and secures work piece in fixture according to setup instructions. 
  • Assembles cutting tools in tool holders and positions tool holders in machine spindles as specified or inserts cutting tools in specified machine magazines. 
  • Enters commands to retrieve pre-programmed machine instructions from database and machine control console. 
  • Manipulates controls and enters commands to index cutting tool to specified set point and start machine.  
  • Observes and listens to machine operation to detect malfunctions such as worn or damaged cutting tools. 
  • Changes cutting tools and location of work piece during machining process as specified in setup instructions.  
  • Measures work piece for conformance to specifications. 
  • Adjusts machine feed and speed, changes cutters to machine parts according to specifications when automatic programming is faulty or machine malfunctions. 


  • High School Diploma or GED 
  • Zero (0) to one (1) year of experience 

About Our Client:  

This client is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has an International footprint. As a manufacturer, supplier, and MRO, our client has diversified to become a major aerospace player in multiple arenas. This client desires candidates that are seeking long term commitments with the opportunity to become direct employees of the organization. 

About Us:  

APA Services, Inc. is a full service staffing company supplying qualified technical and professional employees to the most reputable companies in the Aerospace/Aircraft industry—across the United States and abroad. 

Benefits of working with APA Services:  

Weekly Payroll, Medical Insurance Available, Cash Advances, Travel Pay and/or bonuses on Select Contracts. 


We know it takes great people to do great work, so if you’re interested in joining the APA Services family give us a call at (918) 803-4005 

Thanks for taking the time to apply and we look forward to working with you soon. 

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