F-18 Avionics Technician Organizational Level

100k +
Apr 05, 2019
May 05, 2019
Job Type
Full Time
Minimum Experience Required
4 years


This position is located in the Kuwait Air Force (KAF) Organizational Level Maintenance Activity at Ahmed Al- Jaber Air Base to provide installation, operation, maintenance, modification and repair of the F/A-18 weapons systems.





1.  Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and testing on the Radio Detection and Ranging (AN/APG-65)/ Weapons Control/ Electronics Counter Measures/ Communications & Navigation systems of the F/A-18C/D aircraft.  This includes the Maintenance Status Display Recording System, Weapons Control System, Mission Computer System, Forward Looking Infrared RADAR (Forward Looking Infrared), Multipurpose Display Group, Tactical Electronic Warfare System, Photographic System, and the ALQ-126 Electronic Countermeasures (ECM).


2.  Participate as part of the Integrated Weapons Team in performing weapons control checks and testing.


3.  Support on-the-job training and cross training of KAF personnel.


Basic Qualifications:

1.  Have completed F/A-18 Fleet Replacement Aviation Maintenance Program or equivalent course. If equivalent training is claimed, applicant must submit copies of course descriptions to Commander, Naval Air Systems Command (PMA265-12) for evaluation.

2.  Have a minimum of four years experience on F/A-18 aircraft in one or more of the following specialties: RADAR, ECM and communication navigation systems.

3.  The ability to operate the following ECM test equipment is desirable:

AN/USM-482 Test Set
AN/USM-687 Automated Memory Loader/Verifier

4.  Proficient with Visual Information Display System/Maintenance Action Form documentation and all applicable technical publications

5. Secret security clearance required.