Why Choose APA


APA Services specializes in providing a wide range of Aviation Technicians, each specifically catered to the individual needs of our clients. Our services include providing industry specific contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement professionals. With APA Services standing behind your business, you will find the personnel to meet your needs.

APA Services delivers expertise and talent to the aviation industry. We provide experienced personnel for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft to the FBO Operations, Completion Centers, MRO Facilities, Regulated Aerospace Manufacturing, D.O.D. and other Government Agencies. If you are seeking staffing support and services, you will find that APA Services has the expertise to meet your company’s needs in a quick, reliable and efficient style.


Key Benefits to Employers


When you need to meet market demands, APA is there to satisfy your immediate staffing needs and assist you with long or short term personnel goals. With a number of staffing programs, you can trust that your requirements will always be met with APA.

  • Worker's Compensation/General Liability Insurance
    • APA provides Worker's Compensation and General Liability insurance with A rated insurers on a nation-wide basis.
    • Upon request, we are happy to provide Certificates of Insurance with our customers noted as the Certificate Holder. Ask your sales representative for more information about our comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Flexible Staffing Programs: APA Services offers several staffing programs that can be tailored to meet the specifications of our clients' staffing requirements. These programs range from Direct Placement through temporary/contract services - a brief description of each program and its pricing methodology follows.
    • Direct Placement: Used by many companies to fill permanent positions within their organization. The process requires a lengthy process of position assessment and candidate evaluation leading to an offer of direct employment. Fees for the services are based upon a percentage of the first year's annual compensation.
    • Temporary to Permanent: This staffing program is becoming more popular as the preferred method of filling permanent positions. Several clients have found that the "try before you buy" aspect of the Temp-to-Perm program allows them the flexibility to see if a candidate is truly a fit for their organization before they make the commitment to bringing the candidate on board. Pricing for this program is based on a negotiated percentage mark up over the direct labor rate set by the client company. The normal period for this program is 120 days under contract before the candidate can accept an offer of direct employment from the client. At the time of acceptance by the candidate, the client company does not pay any additional fees.
    • Contract: This staffing program is the most commonly used in our industry as it provides our clients with the ability to quickly bring highly qualified personnel on board to handle a sudden spike in workload and then allows them to reduce their workforce just as rapidly when the workload decreases. There are two methodologies for pricing for this program:
      • Two Tier Pricing (straight time & overtime)
      • Flat Rate

​Depending on the workload and time requirements, the best methodology is used to save the client money and to insure that the candidates are compensated adequately for their time.


Compliance Information


Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program

APA Services is registered (Registration Number: CONN440A) with the FAAs drug abatement division certifying that APA SERVICES complies with 14 CFR Part 120 and 49 CFR Part 40.

APA Services is dedicated to providing our clients with a Drug & Alcohol free work force. We perform pre-employment DOT drug screens as well as continuing random drug & Alcohol testing throughout the subject employees career with APA Services. Once these screening tests are performed they our submitted to APA Services Medical Review Officer for final determination.

APA Services documents and retains all records of testing and compliance for all Aviation employees provided to our clients. APA provides written confirmation that each APA SERVICE employee is covered under our Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse prevention Program.

For any additional information about APA ANTIDRUG AND ALCOHOL PREVENTION PROGRAM please contact APA SERVICES human resources department at Tel # 817-546-4550 or for questions about our registration with the FAA drug abatement division please contact:

FAA/Office of Aerospace Medicine

Drug Abatement Division (AAM-810)

800 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Washington, DC 20591

Employment Verifications

APA Services has the full capacity to comply will all FAA airport regulations. APA Services has the in-house capability to process on-demand criminal background verifications. We can adjust our process to your specific needs or requests. If your company requires that the verification process exceeds FAA airport regulations, we will gladly comply to your company's standard procedure.


Employer FAQs


Question: How does using contractors work?
Answer: APA Services provides contract employees to your location for an hourly fee. APA bares the cost of administration, Insurance, payroll taxes and all benefits that APA provides to the contract employee. The APA contract employee is provided to the customer to be directed and supervised by the customer.

Question: What if a contractor gets hurt while working onsite at my company?
Answer: All APA Contractors are covered under APA Services Workers Compensation Insurance. APA maintains liability limits of one Million dollars per accident.

Question: How do APA contractors get paid?
Answer: APA Services pay contractors weekly via direct deposit.

Question: How fast can I get contractors once I place an order?
Answer: Depending on the projected duration of the contract and location of the assignment contractors can typically be onsite anywhere from 3 to 7 days after the client gives APA approval to send the contractors.

Question: Does APA do pre-employment drug and alcohol testing?
Answer: Yes, APA Services is registered (Registration Number: CONN440A) with the FAAs drug abatement division. APA provides pre-employment drug screens and random drug & alcohol testing.

Question: Does APA do background investigations on the employees it provides?
Answer: Yes, APA Services has the in-house capabilities to perform background investigations per FAA Airport security requirements. APA also has the capability to customize security criteria to suit the particular needs of our customers.

Question: What kind of fees do I pay when using APA Contract employees?
Answer: APA Services has many programs to offer that can most efficiently accommodate our customers specific needs. APA Services offers two tier, percentage mark up and flat rate billing rates.

Question: Will I have a single point of contact for my account with APA Services?
Answer: Yes, your account will have one primary account manager who will be your day-to-day contact to service your account.