Job seeker FAQs

Q. How much does it cost me to use the Aviation JobNet job board?

A. Nothing.  Our job board is absolutely FREE to all jobseekers.

Q. Is this job board only for pilots, mechanics and flight attendants?

A. Absolutely not. We help aviation employers find all kinds of skill sets for their business.  From accountants to A&P mechanics to IT professionals and pilots.  If an aviation employer wants to post the job on our platform, we will help to match the best candidates from any field.

Q. How did Aviation JobNet get my resume?​

A. We use our proprietary SmartBoard methodology to continuously scan the Internet for high-quality aviation candidates. Once we identify a candidate as a good fit for our platform, we create an account for that potential candidate, populate that account with whatever details we found (including a resume), and send an email invitation to invite that candidate to come visit the Aviation JobNet site and complete the account profile.

Q. Do I have to go through a complicated process to apply for every job?

A. No way.  We know how tedious some online application processes can be, so we have designed a process that will make it as easy as possible. When you create your Profile on our platform, you will need to answer 15 simple questions about your current job and the kind of opportunity you are looking for next. Once you've answered those questions and uploaded a current resume, you are in great shape to apply to any position posted on our job board. Of course, you can customize your information for each application if you like, but our process is designed to get you through the application process as quickly and easily as possible.

Q. Why should I use Aviation JobNet to find my next aviation job?

A. Our job board utilizes our proprietary SmartBoard methodology to match jobs with candidates. As long as you have accurately completed your Profile, we utilize that information to match your background, experience and future job requirements with the best job listings in our database. In fact, we look at every job posted on our platform and notify you when we think there's an opportunity you might be qualified for and interested in.

Q. Do I need to have a separate cover letter for every job that I apply for?

A. Our application process includes a Cover Letter/Message field that will be pre-propulated with the last Cover Letter/Message you used.  So, if you'd like to use the same one every time, you can.  But, to get the best response from employers, we recommend you tweak it for each job so that the employer knows why you are interested in and qualified for the position.

Q. What's the best way for me to search for a job on your platform?

A. Aviation JobNet utilizes world-class, enterprise-level technology to give you the best tools possible for finding your next job. We let you search for jobs the way that you prefer.  If you like to perform key word searches, you can do that and then filter your results with 11 other categories (i.e. Location, Industry Sector, Job Role, Salary Range, etc.) Or, if you prefer, you can browse for your next opportunity by Industry Sector or Job Role, and then filter based on key words and any of the other available categories. We have powerful search tools to help you get to the right job listings quickly and easily, utilizing the method you prefer.

Q. Can your job board notify me when new jobs are posted that match my background, experience and desired job requirements?

A. Absolutely. You can create up to five Job By Email (JBE) Alerts that will notify you (either daily or weekly...your choice) when new job listings match your Profile.

Q. What kinds of positions are advertised on your job board?

A. If an aviation company has a need, then we post those positions.  Whether it be a direct full-time position, contract work, temporary or seasonal, we post them all. We are rapidly becoming THE Aviation Job Marketplace.

Q. How many jobs do you have available on your job board?

A. The number of aviation jobs posted on the Aviation JobNet site changes daily, but there are typically more than 50,000 current job listings at any given time.  Our technology expires old jobs, so you should only find current jobs that are actually available.  You can see how many active job listings we have in our database by clicking the "Find A Job" link on the main menu.  The total number of active jobs will be displayed in the top-left corner of the page.

Q. Is there an Aviation JobNet mobile app?

A. The Aviation JobNet site adheres to a fully responsive design, so it looks great and functions well on any device: computer, tablet or smart phone. In fact, we know that most of our users will access our site from their phones, so we have gone to great lengths to make sure that you have an excellent user experience on your smart phone.

If you have a specific question that is not answered above, please send us your question via email at We will get back to you quickly with an answer.